To meet with the Academic and Cultural requirements of an every-increasing multi-lingual population of the District of Nadia of West Bengal, a public meeting was convened in the year 1980, by a few citizen of Krishnanagar, It was resolved in the meeting, that, a non profiteering Society be formed and registered for the purpose of organizing and running an Academic Institution for imparting education through the medium of English and for organizing other cultural organization as may be found necessary.
Acccordigly, the Krishnagar Academic Society was formed and registered in the year 1981. Public opinion in the form of mass-signature (Copies not enclosed, but can be produced if necessary), as well as, donations for the organization were collected from a wide cross selection of the residents of the district. Then, acquiring the house of Late Babu Ramtanu Lahiri ( a direct disciple of H.I.V. Derozio) Krishnagar Academy, the English Medium Public School, was started in the month of January, 1981. The School is situated on a land measuring 2.32 acres, there are two football grounds attached to the buildings, and, the Socity in the owner of the property. This is the only English Medium School in a district having a population of more then 41 lakhs.

  •  The School was started with three classes in the Pre-Primary section and five class in the Primary section.
  •   After starting Class VII an application praying for a No-Objection Certificate (necessary for affiliation with the Council for I.C.S.E.,
    Delhi) was submitted to the Government of West Bengal on 25/05/1983.
  •  Thereafter, an inspection was conducted through the District Administrative Authorities and report of that inspection was forwarded
    to the D.D.I. West Bengal on 02/07/1983 by the District Magistrate, Nadia, with recommendation for the issuance of the No-Objection
  •  Then again, after protracted correspondence, on 11/01/1988 and 12/01/1988 another (the 3rd) inspection was conducted by Mr.
    G.Banerjee, Assistant Director of School Education, West Bengal.
  •  The School has since been upgraded to class X standard and a batch of student are preparing for the final exam under a constant
    mental pressure of uncertainty and apprehension.
  •  Finally the no objection certificate was obtained through court case on 10/08/1988.