As per circular provided by the Government of West Bengal dated: 04-02-2021 No:-049, in connection with reopening of the school along with the advice letter from Council, we hope and plan to reopen our school on February 12th, 2021 for the Students of class IX to XII as per schedule mentioned below.

You may send your ward to school with a letter of consent (attached herewith) through return email or submit physically to the school office.

Class Schedule:

For Class X and Class XII:

Arrival Time: 09:45 AM

Class Start : 10:00 AM 

Class Duration: 40 mins

Departure Time: 01:20 PM  

For Class IX and Class XI:

Arrival Time: 12:45 PM

Class Start : 01:00 PM

Class Duration: 40 mins

Departure Time: 03:40 PM.

Letter of consent

This is to inform you that I am agreeable to send my ward to the school maintaining all Covid-19 protocols. Herewith I am attaching her/his details:


Class: Sec: Roll No.:

All the above information are true to my knowledge.

Name of Guardian:


Kindly follow the instructions when you send your ward to the school:

Role of Guardians:

1)       Guardians must guide their ward in complying with COVID protocol at school and home.

2)       Guardians must themselves wear a mask and maintain social distance while accompanying their ward to and from school.

3)       Handwashing habit must be taught and practised at home.

4)       Guardians must help wards with their homework and assignments, if possible.

5)       Guardians must monitor that the Dos the Don’ts prescribed for children at the school are followed.

6)       Guardians must ensure that social distancing norms and wearing of masks are followed all the time during the journey from home to school and back.

Role of Students:

1)       Wear a mask.

2)       Avoid wearing metal accessories like rings, chains, bangles and amulets.

3)       To wash your hand frequently with soap and water, or may use sanitiser, if available.

4)       Carry your own water bottle.

5)       Use shoe and socks so that barefoot does not touch the ground.

6)       Maintain social distance everywhere. No one should be within one meter from you.

7)       Do not come to school if you are having fever, cold or any other ailment.

8)       Wash hands with soap properly after entering school as guided by your teachers.

9)       Do not touch your face with hand anytime unless it is washed clean.

10)     Do not form close clusters with friends.

11)     Do not share exercise books, copies, bags, or any other belonging of your friend.

12)     Do not share food or drinking water with your friend or anyone.

13)     Do sit at your assigned place as directed by the teacher.

14)     Learn about COVID protocol attentively and follow the same in day-to-day life.

15)     Do not panic.

16)     Spread awareness amongst your relatives at home.

17)     Bring own water bottle.

18)     Do not leave the school premises until the end of school.

19)     Do not rush or fight.

20)     Play innovative games maintaining a physical distance.

21)     Learn how to fold arm over your mouth and nose before sneezing and coughing.

22)     Do not spit here and there.

23)     Flush the toilets adequately and wash your hand with soap once done.

24)     Maintain social distance in the classroom, laboratory, library, corridors and everywhere you go.

25)     On the way to and from school keep wearing the mask. If you carry an umbrella, keep your umbrella open and maintain social distance with all on the way.

26)     After reaching home wash uniform with detergent if you have another set. If that is not possible keep the uniform isolated for twelve hours and put it under direct sunlight the next day.

27)     Remind your parents and guardians to wash your mask, gloves and cap in hot water and surely with soap and detergent.

28)     Do your assignments and worksheets on the no-school days.

29)     Listen to your teachers and guardians.

30)     Verbal assistance or gesture to peers who are not able to maintain social distancing and mask.

31)     Avoid junk food and eating out. Eat healthy food prepared at home.

32)     Drink hot water/milk/soup at home.

33)     Last but not the least; remember you are the true fighter against this formidable threat called COVID 19. We must win the battle by all will power and continuous perseverance. We must not allow COVID 19 to compromise our daily academic progress and achieving excellence.

Self-Declaration for Outstation Family member(s)

Dear parents,

Please submit the declaration in connection with staying with any family member(s) out of the station.

Name of the Student: _________________________________________________

Class: __________________ Sec: ______________ Roll: ______________

Name of the Family Member: _______________________________________

Relation with the Student: ___________________________________

Name of Guardian:                                                                       Signature