Code of Conduct

  • No student shall leave the class room during school / class hours without permission.
  • Every student shall have a fixed place assigned by the class teacher. It should not be changed without permission.
  • Student must always respect their teachers and elders. They must greet the teachers pleasantly and courteously with a smiling face
    whenever and wherever they meet them. They must also be gentle and polite to their companions.
  • Misconduct and disrespect towards any staff of this institution will result in very serious disciplinary action. Use of foul language will also
    be dealt with very seriously.
  • Any student found to be tampering with progress card will be dealt with serious. Use of foul language will also be dealt with very seriously.
  • Money transaction amongst the students is strictly prohibited.
  • Girls are strictly prohibited from wearing valuable items of jewellery and boys from bracelets and chains.
  • Strict discipline must be maintained inside the class room. During recess time and between study periods also pupil’s behavior will be
    subjected to examination and correction.
  • Any student damaging School / Government properties or indulging in malpractices is liable to be removed from the School.
  • Each student should act in a way that he / she is proud of the School and the School should be proud of him / her.
  • No student shall participate in any activity outside the School without the knowledge and written permission of the Principal.
  • English must always be spoken.
  • If fees are not paid promptly the student’s name will be struck off the rolls without intimation.
  • Fine, suspension or dismissals are some punishments which Principal can enforce.
  • If a student is absent without leave granted by the Principal consecutively for 10 school working days his / her name will be removed from
    the rolls without intimation.