O Academy…….

O Academy we love you

And praise your name so dear

For friendship and fraternity

Will always keep you near

A school like ours we’ll cherries

Remember through the year

The things we learn and friends we made

Will thank you for each day.


Sing them over

Sing them over again to me

Wonderful words of life

Let me more of their beauty see

Wonderful words of life.

Words of life and beauty

Teach me faith and duty

Beautiful words, wonderful words

Wonderful words of life.


O give thanks

O give thanks to the Lord for His good

O give thanks to the Lord for His good

O give thanks to the Lord for His good

Yes eternal is His love

I will sing to my God never see sing

All my life I will tell of His wonder

He’s the maker of all earth and heaven

Of the ocean, seas and the whole.


There shall be showers.

There shall be showers of blessing

This is the promise of God

There shall be seasons refreshing

Send from the savior above

Showers of blessing,

Showers of blessing we need

Mercy drops round us are falling

There shall be showers we plead.


Friends let us be

Friends let us be joyful

Light hearted and walk and in play

Smile just like the sunshine

Turn night in today

Though sky should darken and thunder roar

Though storm should break over sea and shore

A bit of fun will bring the sun

To Lighten the sky as before.